About the Designation

A Promise Place can be a school, church, community organization, business or any other place that provides all Five Promises to young people — acting as a hub of holistic services and resources crucial to success. Presented by State Farm Insurance, Promise Places are a critical part of achieving the Grad Nation goal. Promise Places are encouraged to work across sectors to support young people. Through collaboration, even the tiniest community organizations can ensure that the youth in their town have everything they need to succeed.

Once designated, Promise Places receive recognition materials, are featured on the Alliance’s website and serve as models for others in their community and across the country for a one year term. After one year, the Promise Place must re-apply, explaining how they are delivering the Five Promises and achieving the goals set in their application.

According to the America’s Promise Alliance research brief, Every Child, Every Promise, youth who receive four out of the Five Promises are far more likely to be successful, twice as likely to get A’s, twice as likely to avoid violence, and 40 percent more likely to volunteer. Receiving four of the Five Promises has the potential to level the playing field for youth across racial and economic lines, and ultimately increase a young person’s chances of graduating from high school prepared for a 21st century career.