About the Initiative

Our Initiative does not seek to create special protections or special treatment for military families, but rather to ensure that their military-connected status does not hinder their access to services and supports necessary to keep their families strong and raise stable and healthy children who can succeed in school and become productive citizens.

We hope that you can turn the ideas offered here into action. We created this site as a hub for information and ideas, including recommendations for public policies and programs, research, resources and other tools for advocates and policymakers.

Supporting the nation’s 2 million military-connected children is an integral part of America’s Promise’s Grad Nation campaign to end the high school dropout crisis and prepare young people for college and the 21st century workforce.

Today’s military families are facing stresses never encountered by military families of other generations: more service members have children; they face long and repeated deployments uncommon to earlier wars; and the military-civilian divide is sharper than ever. 

Wartime parental deployments can present one the most stressful events in children’s lives. Along with children in low-income households and those in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, children of deployed parents have higher rates of emotional and behavioral problems than children in the general population.

Some military children struggle in school as well. Academic problems now occur in one in five military children. Test scores are dropping for some, and in the long term, they may be at risk for falling behind in school or dropping out altogether.