BW Scholars Peer Mentoring

Idea Leader:
Treyvon Williams

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Partner Organization: Baldwin-Wallace College

Project Summary: Active member of the Baldwin-Wallace College Scholars Program, Treyvon Williams, 18, focused on the low performance of many 9th grade African-American males at John Adams High School. He and his peers developed a program for these young students that consisted of supplemental academic support, peer and professional mentoring, coaching and leadership conferences.

Treyvon Williams Leads the B-W Scholars Program

Treyvon Williams (Idea Grant Leader) and his Baldwin-Wallace College Scholars Program peers answered the call to assist underachieving 9th grade African-American males attending John Adams High School (Cleveland, Ohio). The 9th graders were desperately in need of an intervention. In the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, 9th grade African American males are becoming harder to promote to the next grade and are dropping out in higher rates. In addition to the low performance during the 9th grade, there are environmental problems that become recurring barriers which surface during their future high school years. It is those issues that contribute to the 27 percent black male graduation rate.

Treyvon led a strong effort to engage the 9th grade males by collaborating with AT&T and American’s Promise. By successfully becoming a My Idea Grant recipient, Treyvon was empowered to implement a series of events that engaged the young men within the halls of John Adams High School. He and his peers developed programming that consisted of supplemental academic support, peer and professional mentoring, coaching and leadership conferences.

The Baldwin-Wallace College Student Leadership Conference (SLC) was hosted by the B-W Scholars Program on April 2, 2011. The conference was designed to encourage African American males to develop their personal strategy to success by highlighting important topics such as, Leadership Development, Financial Literacy, Healthy Relationships and Goal Attainment.

The speakers and workshops offered that day were intended to target areas for improvement specific to their unique situations as freshman in high school. During the event, the participants heard from successful local leaders, such as the current Cuyahoga County Prosecutor, Director of Public Safety for the City of Berea and the Assistant Dean of Students at Baldwin-Wallace College.  The final event was a panel of African American males who currently attend Baldwin-Wallace College.  

Treyvon expressed, “I am very thankful to America’s Promise and AT&T for awarding our program and giving our idea a chance to come to life. This school year we were successful in reaching out and helping underclassman achieve the same goals I have been fortunate to achieve during my high school career.”

Juan Brason, a 9th grader who was an active participant in the peer mentoring project said, “I appreciate all the events and activities I was able to be a part of; I took a lot away from the speakers, field trips and fun activities. I like my mentor and knowing upperclassmen that are popular and doing the right thing made me do better in school this year.” 

The Baldwin-Wallace College Scholars Program is a comprehensive 4-year college preparatory program involving young men currently enrolled in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  In partnership with Baldwin-Wallace College, the B-W Scholars Program provides its participants with opportunities to have the individualized support and assistance needed to successfully graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education and training.