Colorado Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: Arvada High School, 7951 W. 65th Ave. Arvada, CO 80004


The Governor Ritter’s Office partnered with the Colorado Graduates Initiative (CGI) and the Colorado Department of Education to host a summit to mobilize Colorado communities around dropout prevention and recovery. The summit advanced the state plan to address reducing the dropout rate by reviewing results from data analyses, facilitating peer networking and sharing of best practices in response to the data, and informing policy proposals to advance such practices. Over 300 representatives from 30 superintendent-led delegations from across the state attended the summit. Governor Ritter issued a call to action for school leaders to continue to pursue bold plans to decrease the dropout rate in half by 2017. Teams were also informed about and connected with Colorado Graduates Initiative, the new CDE Office of Dropout Prevent and Student Re-engagement and federal funding (ARRA, Race to the Top, Investing in Innovative Ideas, etc.).