Corpus Christi Dropout Prevention Summit



The title of the summit was the America's Promise Alliance Dropout Prevention Leadership Summit. Over 230 people from the South Texas area attended the summit - all segments of the community were represented. They keynote speaker was Dr. Gene Bottoms from High Schools That Work. He challenged each attendee with his presentation stating that we have to find a way to link the lessons learned in school to real world experiences in the mind of each and every student. At the end of the day, attendees signed their names to a commitment board as a symbol of the work they are prepared to do in order to lower the dropout rate.


Summit Planning Team:

Our Summit Planning Team will engage at least two representatives from the following stakeholder groups as partners in planning and executing the summit and in follow-up activities:

  • Mayor’s Office – The Mayor of Corpus Christi and the Assistant to the Mayor
  • City Agencies – City’s Office of Education, Parks & Recreation Department
  • Young People –  Youth Advisory Committee; Junior Achievement; 78415 YAC
  • Corporate Representatives –Port Industries, Chambers of Commerce, State Farm Insurance
  • Education – CCISD, ESC2, Texas A&M – Corpus Christi; Del Mar College
  • Nonprofit Partners – Citizens for Educational Excellence (CEE), United Way, CIS
  • Others– County Judge; City Council Members, Catholic Charities, Council of PTAs

Corpus Christi's Dropout Prevention Action Plan