District of Columbia Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location:
Chavez Parkside High School Campus, 3701 North Hayes Street, NE, Washington, DC

Highlights: High school aged youth will analyze the drop out crisis and present their solutions and receive feedback during dialogue with different stakeholders from non-profits, universities, businesses, and the government.

Summit Planning Team:
Anna Flores, Vice President of Consumer and Community Affairs, American Express
Amin Muslim, Community Liaison, Councilmember Alexander’s Office
Jonathan Gueverra, President and CEO, Community College of DC
Jahi Wise, Program Manager, S.T.E.P Up DC
Danielle Smith, Director of Ward 7 Initiative, DC Education Initiatives, Georgetown University
Julia Irving, Community Outreach for 6th District Headquarters, Metro Police Department
Julie Guerrero Schor, Neighborhood Planning and Civic Engagement
Kristi Matthews, Kressley Fellow, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless
Justin Rydstrom, Program Manager, Center for Civic Education
Jeff Cooper, Chief Operating Officer, Chavez Schools
Juliet Mohnkern, Assistant Director of Public Policy, Chavez Schools
Julie Harris, Director of Public Policy, Chavez Schools
Gillian Moise, Coordinator of Public Policy, Chavez School