Georgia Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Details: October/November 2010

The Georgia Afterschool Investment Council (GAIC) will work with local leaders to ignite conversation about education advocacy in two communities across the state of Georgia in partnership with local Mayor’s Office, Superintendent’s Office, and the Chamber of Commerce. 

What the Regional Summits Will Accomplish:

  • Baseline data gathered about placement or usage of afterschool programs as it is or is not linked with the regular school day, and what community partnerships exist in the schools
  • Awareness increased about the opportunities offered in several national-statewide-local efforts underway that could enhance community action plans (e.g. School Improvement plans, America’s Promise Dropout Summits, Mayor’s Summit on Afterschool, New Day for Learning vision, Performance Learning Centers, Graduation Coaches and the Georgia Afterschool Tennis Education initiative)
  • Identifying a goal and/or set of priorities for the local community team to rally around and consider future activity/planning/discussion.
  • Timeline and action steps created
  • Commitments secured, roles and responsibilities assigned for community action