Indio, California



America’s Promise Alliance named Indio as one of its 100 Best Communities for Young People for the first time because of the community’s commitment to supporting youth through various leadership, education and mentor programs. Such programs include the Youth Advisory Council which was created in 1998 to help give youth in the City of Indio a voice; which ultimately helped with the development of the Indio Youth Master Plan. The IYMP helped identify the needs of the community, bringing about the renovation of 10 existing parks, a new lighted soccer park, and the opening of the Indio Teen Center. The ITC is an after school facility offering an array of educational and recreational activities, including a Recording Studio, Boxing Gym, Internet Café, Game Room and Resource/Counseling Center.  

Community Programs

  • The city invested $7.5 million in renovating all parks and an additional $7 million to create a Teen Center to support local youth.
  • The Youth Advisory Council yearly leadership conference, through the SEARCH Institute, offers teens access to motivational speakers and opportunities to network with other teens.
  • The Indio Youth Task Force connects families and the community together to provide positive encouragement and direction for youth; the IYTF connects 100 community organizations and most recently donated $80,000 to complete the new Boys & Girls Club Teen Center in 2010.
  • The Fred Young Farm Labor Center has developed a Kids Club Mentoring Program, which shares important life skills with youth and targets the low income population.
  • The community is involved with the local Big Brothers Big Sisters program which provides positive role models to young people.
  • The Arbor WIN Youth Opportunity Center in Indio provides support in addressing specific educational needs and offers classes designed specifically for the California High School Exit Exam.

Youth Voices

Because of the ITC, I was able to stay on track during high school; because of being a big brother, I was able to see the world from the kids’ perspective; and because of YAC, I now feel I contributed to my community.


I am currently involved in young gents and it has been a life changer. I was awarded top gent of the fifth session because I fit the needed requirements. The program teaches young males how to be gentlemen by learning etiquette, sportsmanship, and dealing with the opposite sex. The experience has been a life changer and has made me a much better, well-mannered person.