Jersey City Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: TBD


  • This summit will bring together, unite and galvanize a number of efforts taking place in Hudson County and New Jersey. Jersey City Mayor Jerremiah Healy has made quality of life and high school graduation major goals. Jersey City Superintendent of Schools Charles Epps has organized his organization to attack underpinnings of poverty in Jersey City, including the achievement gap and the dropout rate. 

  • Students will be an integral part of planning and pursuing the summit’s goals: to raise awareness of the high dropout rate in Jersey City New Jersey, while assessing student risk factors, and ultimately developing a prevention strategy to be implemented through the Jersey City Public Schools.

  • Key stakeholders will be joined together to form the Mayor’s Education Task Force. This group wil include: staff from the Mayor's and Superintendent's offices, the Hudson County Superintendent, at-risk students, students already off the path to graduation, parent liaisons, the Chamber of Commerce, Jersey City Employment and Training, Jersey City Recreation and PAL, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Jersey City Medical Center. The work of the Task Force will be organized around five promises:

    • Caring Adults
    • Safe Places
    • A Healthy Start
    • Effective Education
    • Opportunity to Help Others