Kansas City Dropout Prevention Summit


Summit Planning Team:

The planning team includes representation from the Mayor, City Manager’s-Youth Advocate, Kansas City Missouri School District Superintendent, State Senator Yvonne Wilson-Chair Education Committee, President of the Metropolitan Community College, Greater Kansas City Chamber or Commerce and Stan Archie-President of the Christian Fellowship Ministries and local representative to the State Board of Education, the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, the Student Advisory Council, United Way, Partnership for Children, Civic Council, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Kansas City Youth Commission and  the Missouri School Boards Association.



St. Louis City held three youth summits focused on hearing why students are dropping out of school and what we can do to get them back in/keep them from dropping out. Highlights included engaging approximately 300 middle school students, 150 high school students and 30 other disconnected/reconnected youth. One summit held a panel discussion and resource fair, the second summit had break-out groups to discuss and find solutions for why youth are dropping out of school and the third summit used "photovoice" to have individual stories told through photographs on why students dropped out of school or why they went back. Outcomes included convening approximately 480 youth to discuss reasons for and solutions to the dropout issue, involving additional nonprofit, business and government entities in awareness of the dropout problem, creating the first step in engaging youth in community problem solving and analyzing involvement and results for identifying priorities for the 2009-10 school year and beyond.


St. Louis Dropout Prevention Action Plan