Maryland Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location : Randallstown High School, Randallstown, MD


  • Approximately 500 people attended this state summit. There were multiple highlights from the day including: opening remarks by the Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and State Superintendent Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick, AT&T Mike Scheweder and Lynn Dickerson of State Farm. Mr. Schedweder presented Dr.
    Balfanz with a grant for $286,000 for his work with Baltimore's Talent Development High School.
  • The summit was designed to address the Maryland school completion issue and the summit action planning teams were asked to identify immediate interventions that could address the problem. In February there will be a follow-up meeting with local leaders to help advise the state board of education on the lessons learned from the summit to be included in the larger 2010-2011 “Bridge to Excellence” (Master Education Plan).

Maryland's Dropout Prevention Action Plan