Memphis Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: TBD


  • In cooperation with local partners, the United Way of the Mid-South will convene key stakeholders to discuss dropout prevention and determine strategies through a comprehensive action plan for improving the dropout rate in Memphis City Schools.
  • The objective of the Dropout Prevention Summit is to develop a deeper understanding of the status and causes of high school dropouts, activities and strategies for enhancing dropout prevention efforts, increasing interventions for students at-risk of dropping out, and the reclamation of students who have already dropped out of school.
  • Dropout prevention and intervention has long been a primary concern of the educational, public, and community leadership of Shelby County. Both local school Superintendents and Mayors promote the reduction of high school dropouts and truancy. They have established themselves as chief advocates for young people and the improvement of graduation rates.
  • A Teen Summit will be designed to engage high school students more directly in the process of improving academic performance by involving them in a greater understanding of the standards, expectations and measurements used by public education. This summit holds the potential for increasing student participation in designing strategies and activities for improving graduation rates.