Michigan Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location:  Lansing Convention Center

Key APA Partners Engaged:

  • United Way of Southeastern Michigan
  • State Farm
  • Michigan’s Promise


Led by the Michigan Nonprofit Association and the Volunteer Centers of Michigan over 500 people, representing a variety of sectors and interests, and making up more than 20 community teams from around the state, gathered in Lansing to learn from others and share their own expertise in and concern about the educational success of Michigan youth.

  • Governor Jennifer Granholm presented and national partners such as Karen Pittman with the Forum For Youth Investment were also represented.
  • Michigan’s Children will assist in implementing both local and state level policy initiative building off the momentum of the summit. The summits themselves will have a focus on teams and individuals responding to proposed policy changes related to dropout prevention. Participants will form a group of concerned citizens or policy groups to be involved in ongoing dropout prevention methods.

Summit Planning Team:

The planning team consisted of representatives from the Governor’s Office, Skillman Foundation, Mentor Michigan, Governor’s and First Gentleman’s service initiative, Department of Education, Michigan Community Service Commission, Department of Human Services (Health/Human Services) and Juvenile Justice.  There were representatives from State Farm, Michigan’s Children, Michigan Campus Compact, Centers of Michigan, Michigan’s Promise, Michigan Nonprofit Association, and The League Michigan.  Other individuals from the local colleges and universities, youth, elected officials also assisted with the planning committee’s efforts.

Michigan's Dropout Prevention Action Plan