Minnesota Dropout Prevention Summit



  • Convened by the Minnesota Alliance With Youth and the Minnesota Department of Education, the state summit built on the established momentum and the accomplishments that were achieved as a result of Minnesota’s Statewide Graduation Improvement Summit held in 2007 and 10 follow-up local mini-summits held from April – October 2008.
  • State Farm hosted the summit that brought together over 100 state legislators, university administrators, school superintendents and government and business representatives. Minneapolis Mayor Rybak welcomed participants and work was focused on state policy supports for strategies identified by the National Dropout Prevention Center and utilized by the Minnesota Department of Education's Dropout Prevention Initiative.

Summit Planning Team:

The joint metro-wide & statewide 2009 Summits will be co-presented by Minnesota Alliance With Youth, the National Youth Leadership Council, Minnesota Department of Education, Search Institute, Minneapolis Mayors office, Minneapolis School District, St. Paul Mayors office, and St. Paul School District.


Minnesota's Dropout Prevention Action Plan