Mission & Purpose

Founded in 1997 at the Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future, America’s Promise leads an alliance of organizations, communities, and individuals dedicated to fulfilling the presidential declaration signed that day calling upon the nation to keep five crucial promises to every young person in America:  the presence of caring adults in their lives; safe surroundings to live, learn, and grow; healthy starts and healthy childhoods; an effective education that builds marketable skills; and opportunities to serve others.   


Every child in America has the opportunity and support to reach their full potential and pursue their American Dream.


Inspire, engage, and unite individuals, institutions, and communities to create the conditions for success for every child in America.

Our Strengths

America’s Promise builds opportunities for young people by focusing on three areas: 

  • Raising awareness of current conditions and programs that work and inspiring people and organizations to take action.  Examples include the Building GradNation report, our newsletters, and our Twitter feed and Facebook page.
  • Forging connections among institutions and communities that accelerate progress.  Examples include the GradNation Communities Network and the GradNation Community Summits.
  • Creating and sharing knowledge that guides effective actions and programs.  Examples include Don’t Call Them Dropouts and case studies of successful youth systems in Atlanta, GA and Orlando, FL.

Central to our work is the GradNation campaign, a large and growing movement of dedicated individuals, organizations and communities working together to raise graduation rates and prepare all students for success.