Missouri Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Website: http://www.dese.mo.gov/dropoutprevention/


Twenty-two school districts from across the state were joined together via satellite for the state summit. Governor Jay Nixon opened the summit and Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education and former Governor of West Virginia was the summit’s keynote. The afternoon facilitation focused on opportunities and barriers, next steps and the development of timelines. Both morning and afternoon sessions allowed for local community teams to plan follow-up within their communities. The following key areas were discussed throughout the summit:

  • The need for action at the community level,
  • Truancy court,
  • Service-Learning and the impact it has on students and communities,
  • Rural dropout cooperative and how that functions,
  • Mental and behavioral health and the need for youth to develop social and emotional competencies,
  • Urban/Suburban dropout prevention,
  • How middle college impacts the dropout rate, and
  • Development of school-based and community-based action teams in a rural setting.

Following the Summit, state agency staff met with the State Board of Education on April 23, 2009 and provided an overview of the Summit including preliminary comments. Following a question and answer and intra-Board member discussion, Board members asked staff to prepare recommendations for the Board’s consideration that would have the most impact on student dropouts/graduation and to return to a future board meeting for their consideration.

State staff in conjunction with a final report committee will review the survey results and facilitation sheets from each Summit location to prepare the final report.

Missouri's Dropout Prevention Action Plan