Moving Incremental Results to Social Transformation

At the Fall 2013 America’s Promise Alliance Trustees Meeting, there were plenty of diverse yet intuitive areas of focus. Collaborators and partners from all over the country came together to discuss a common interest: the United States dropout crisis. During the Trustees Meeting one thing distinctively noticeable yet singular was observing all of the assets at use to help enhance statistical information in regards to ending the education drop out crisis.

Throughout the duration of our meeting one specific area was incredibility striking to me. The presentation on Moving Incremental Results to Social Transformation was of great interest because of its relation to striving leadership, and the ideal leadership tactics needed not only to propel an organization but also preserve it. This presentation, done by Community Wealth Partners, looked at research that enabled the construction and understanding of common elements that make social transformation possible. Amy Celep, President of Community Wealth Partners, conveyed the top ten insights and examples from their research that tied into our everyday interaction at both a professional and personal level. The overall objective of this presentation was to enable the attendees to think in a fashion that clearly identified goals and objectives, and boldly challenged the discipline and concentration of the overall goal. The presentation also helped to move through obstacles and eliminate unnecessary deterrents through these ten insightful examples.

In the meeting, we also discussed expanding national services through volunteer opportunities of  the Corporation for National and Community Service. Their goal was to partner with non-profits, foundations and other organizations to present possible career opportunities to volunteers. This provides multiple benefits: it would provide a consistent stream of volunteers for their programs, more volunteers reduces relief costs, and introduces volunteers to potential career paths.

The goal of Americas Promise Alliance of ending the dropout crisis by 2020 is possible. Through work done to improve the educational system in the United States, implementing the Civic Marshal Plan, aid to and work with partners, and their research arm, Center for Promise, providing data and statistics.