My Experiences in the Professional World

I have to say that working at America's Promise for a week has brought me new experiences as my second job of this summer as well as my life. When I first arrived as an intern at America's Promise, I was very nervous because I really didn’t know what to expect. I kept questioning myself whether I would be filing papers, answering phone calls, or standing behind a desk assisting people. None of these things were present in my first week working at America's Promise. Instead, I was doing things such as creating a newsletter for a website, sitting in meetings about how to prevent students dropping out, and going on a tour to learn more about an area I am familiar with.

When the week was coming to an end, I also developed more computer skills. Working alongside the college interns here as a high school student myself, they taught me things that they didn’t learn until college including how to create a hyperlink and operating the Microsoft Outlook software. Working in an office environment also gave me a more professional insight on how to dress and where to keep my tone of voice. These types of experiences are something I can take with me to help myself in the future such as preparing for an interview or working in offices that deal with my dream careers as an aerospace engineer.  

Working with the newsletter for the first week gave me a good feeling that I am teaching everyone who visits America's Promise’s site about a nationwide issue. There are plenty of people that I have seen that do not know about the obesity epidemic when it is in fact a visual problem. Providing the information to random people gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Not only am I feeling that I am contributing to the nation but America's Promise as well. This internship so far has been a blast of new experiences.

Overall I can say that the first week working at America's Promise has been a great exposure to something new and has already prepared me for my life’s future.  I can give plenty advice to future interns, but the most important advice I would give is don’t knock it until you try it. Walking into an office environment that you normally see on television may stir up judgment, but if you are part of the experience you could feel that it isn’t bad as you think.