Nashville Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: Martin Professional Development Center, 2400 Fairfax Avenue, Nashville, TN 37205

In 2008, Nashville served as a pilot site for the America’s Promise Dropout Summit program. Led by the Mayor’s Office and Alignment Nashville, the summit investigated five dropout-related risk factors and led to the creation of the Mayor’s Task Force, which produced an in-depth report that presents specific recommendations for increasing Nashville’s graduation rate. In addition, the Summit increased community awareness of the dropout crisis in our community and created an urgency to address the crisis quickly.


Led by Alignment Nashville and Mayor’s Office, the “On the Same Page” summit brought together community teams including principals, teachers, parents, students (including former students who dropped out), faith-based leaders etc. to develop plans for filling gaps in student supports for at-risk youth. Next steps include appointing a leader for each neighborhood work team, who will be responsible for recruiting team members to represent each stakeholder group. In addition, each neighborhood will host a “mini-summit” to discuss neighborhood-specific issues and to create grass roots buy-in for broad ownership, engaging all sectors of the community through the process. As a tangible symbol of their support, all participants were asked to sign a “Commitment Poster” stating that they support the implementation of the action plans and will participate in a 6-month and 12-month follow up activity.