New York City Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location Details/Start and End Times: New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

Summit Website:


The summit was convened by the Neighborhood Family Services Coalition in partnership with the NYC Department of Education’s Multiple Pathways unit. At least 500 people were in attendance at this Brooklyn convening. Michelle Yanche, Neighborhood Family Services Coalition provided opening remarks and other speakers included: Dennis Walcott, Deputy Mayor for Education/Community Development, City of New York, Marcia Lyles, Deputy Chancellor for Teaching & Learning, New York City Department of Education and Tom Pendleton, Director of Learning to Work Initiatives, NYC DOE facilitated the youth panel. Next steps include developing an implementation team to follow up on the strategies highlighted in the planning sessions.


Summit Planning Team:

  • Education: Representatives from the Partnership Support Office, the Office of Multiple Pathways to Graduation, and the Office of School and Youth Development
  • CBO service providers: Representatives from organizations currently working as Multiple Pathways to Graduation partners through the Learning to Work initiative
  • Youth development intermediary:  Youth Development Institute
  • Advocacy: Neighborhood Family Services Coalition
  • Business: Business leaders involved in Multiple Pathways through Learning to Work
  • Youth: Student representatives from Multiple Pathways schools and programs

New York City's Dropout Prevention Action Plan