New York Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: Nazareth College, Rochester, New York


Governor David Paterson hosted New York’s summit in Rochester. The Governor’s Contract for Excellence ensures a commitment to improving quality and increasing accountability among educators to meet the needs of an evolving populace and ensure that more children succeed in the academic world, graduate and move on to productive adult lives.

  • Over 500 regional delegates representing the entire state attended the summit.
  • The summit will help develop a Cross-Agency Task Force on Dropout Prevention to promote a more holistic and integrated approach to ensuring that every child has the supports from day one in their education to graduate. The planning team is in the process of reporting out on the results of the summit.

Summit Planning Team:

The New York State Youth Development Team in partnership with the Office of the Governor, New York leaders, educators, non-profits, parents, and youth.  The Summit Host/Planning Team includes The New York State Youth Development Team, The After-School Corporation, leaders in after-school provision, The ACT for Youth Center for Excellence, a collaboration of Cornell University, University of Rochester and New York State Center for School Safety, Children for Children, leaders in experiential- and service-learning, and New York State Learn and Serve America.

New York's Dropout Prevention Action Plan