America’s Promise partners with Be The Change to promote military veterans campaign

Nov 1, 2012

With more than one million service members exiting the military and re-entering civilian life over the next five years, their reintegration offers a huge opportunity for communities. America’s Promise Alliance and Be The Change are working together to support military families and their community engagement through BTC’s Got Your 6 collective impact initiative. Got Your 6 ensures that as veterans return home, they are welcomed as leaders and civic assets who will reinvigorate their communities.

As part of a larger campaign led by the entertainment industry, Got Your 6 fosters understanding among all Americans in order to help bridge the civilian-military divide. America’s Promise and a number of other nonprofit organizations are working with the campaign to achieve measurable goals in six key pillars of veteran reintegration:

  • Jobs
  • Education
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Family
  • Leadership

America’s Promise’s focuses on military families with its Initiative for Military Families. The initiative aims to build awareness about the policies and programs that work in the hope that more individuals and organizations will champion the ideas and replicate them in their own states and communities