America's Promise Alliance welcomes new partners

America’s Promise is thrilled to welcome our newest partners into the Alliance. Click the links below to learn more about each of these unique organizations, including how to contact them.

The Cristo Rey Network provides a quality, Catholic, college preparatory education to young people who live in urban communities with limited educational options. Our mission is clear – college success for Cristo Rey Network students. Member schools utilize a rigorous academic model, supported with effective instruction, to prepare students with a broad range of academic abilities for college. Cristo Rey Network schools employ an innovative Corporate Work Study Program that provides students with real world work experiences. Every student works five full days a month to fund the majority of his or her education, gain job experience, grow in self-confidence, and realize the relevance of his or her education. Students work at law firms, banks, hospitals, universities, and other professional Corporate Partners. To find a Cristo Rey member school near you, visit For more information, contact Brenda Schulze at [email protected] and (312) 784-7208.


HUMAN Healthy Vending  - h.u.m.a.n. stands for "Helping Unite Mankind and Nutrition" –  and it's not just an acronym, it's our mission. HUMAN Healthy Vending is changing the vending landscape through its socially-conscious mission, its state of the art technology and its product catalog of 100% healthy foods and drinks that have been screened by an advisory board of medical doctors, certified nutritionists, registered dietitians, and public health specialists to ensure they meet a high caliber of nutritional standards. Vending machines do not have to be complicit in the obesity epidemic; rather, they can affect positive change by supplying healthful food and health education.  HUMAN is also proud to donate 10% of its proceeds to charitable causes that fight childhood obesity and malnutrition.

It’s not just food and drinks to which HUMAN has given a health-conscious makeover; the high-tech and eco-friendly HUMAN Healthy Vending machines themselves are a far cry from their antiquated counterparts. The machines feature LCD screens that stream digital educational content, such as healthy living tips and nutritional facts, credit card readers, remote sensors that automatically track inventory and expiration dates, a conveyor belt system rather than coils, and some machines even offer chilled and frozen meals that can be microwaved internally. In fact, we are the first company to offer this full-service model of healthful and convenient meals, positively affecting school and other community environments through nutritional education and promotion. For more information, please contact Stanton Saiki at [email protected].


Investing In Communities ® (IIC) is proud to be part of America’s Promise Alliance! IIC, a 501(c)(4), strengthens worthy charities while driving business to companies and professionals that are doing business doing goodsm. IIC is a nonprofit social enterprise; we enable individuals and businesses to fund nonprofits through brokered real estate transactions. IIC is free for individuals and companies to use, leveraging their brokered real estate transactions, at no expense, to support the nonprofit of their choice. Through IIC, you can help deliver The Five Promises to strengthen our youth, our communities, our country, our future. Please visit us at to learn how to participate, or contact Michael Pink at [email protected].


MIND Research Institute  is dedicated to enabling elementary and secondary school students to reach their full potential by helping them work through challenges, experience success and heighten their engagement with solving math problems.  By applying neuroscience findings about how we’re “wired” to learn, MIND researchers have developed math education programs proven to increase math proficiency by as much as 30 percent among high-need students. With U.S. science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) jobs expected to grow by 17 percent between 2008 and 2018, our nation must train more students to learn and love math. To learn about how you can help every child in America experience math success, contact Glenn Maddalon at [email protected] and (714) 427-5710.


Story Tapestries  - Teaching reading, writing, math, science and social studies through music, dance, visual arts and drama is an exciting and effective way to build a learning community, increase vocabulary, introduce concepts, and develop self-confidence in our youth. Story Tapestries, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, builds partnerships nationwide with schools, libraries, museums and other organizations to transform education with the power of the arts. Our programs not only establish the building blocks for academic success but also instill a passion for learning, powerful enough to change the course of a life.  Our world-class team of artists collaborates with community leaders, educators, and families to custom design arts integration programs that suit their specific needs.

By working with students, parents and teachers simultaneously, we increase the sustainability of the programs.  Long after the Story Tapestries team has left the region, the network of trained adults and children continues to support and encourage arts integration, teaching and learning through the arts.  Arts integration techniques not only increase literacy levels amongst our students but also cultivate 21st century thinkers who are able to problem-solve and think critically and creatively, and who take an interest in their community. Using the arts as a teaching method engages every personality and connects individuals with a sense of community and sharing and opens up a world of possibility and excitement for learning. To learn more, contact Arianna Ross at [email protected] or (301) 916-6328.