BoostUp campaign stresses the importance of regular school attendance

Currently, nearly 7.5 million students are chronically absent every school year – missing enough school to drastically increase their chances of dropping out or failing to graduate. To encourage parents of middle school students to focus on their kids’ attendance, the Ad Council and U.S. Army have released new PSAs for BoostUp's high school dropout prevention campaign. The new English and Spanish-language PSAs remind parents that every day missed, excused or not, even in middle school, puts their child’s graduation at risk.

As early as 6th grade, missing 18 or more days of school severely threatens a child’s high school graduation. Missing just two days every month of the school year can allow a student to fall behind, increasing the likelihood of dropping out. Furthermore, research shows that students who attend school regularly in their early school years are more likely to learn to read well by the critical third grade milestone, score higher on standardized tests, and graduate and go on to college than students who are chronically absent.

An assortment of resources are available at to help parents keep their kids on the path to graduation including an attendance calculator, courtesy of Get Schooled, where they can chart the impact of their kids’ absences on their education.