One Small Step, One Collective Impact: #Letters2Kids

Our nation’s young people need our support. Many of them are worried about their futures, their families, their safety, their paths, their friends and their communities. 

Every child deserves a chance to reach their full potential and every adult has a responsibility to make it happen.

Following last year’s release of America’s Promise Alliance’s Open Letter to Young People and Gen. Colin Powell and Alma Powell’s recent Letter to America, Our Cause, and in support of the #Recommit2Kids campaign to refocus the nation on the needs of young people, America’s Promise has announced #Letters2Kids -- a call to action to the nation to take one small, but mighty step in reaffirming our support and dedication to young people. 

What we’re asking is for “caring adults” all over the country to pause and take a few minutes to write a positive letter to a young person in their life to show that you care. 

How does this help kids, you might ask?  There is power in words.  And giving a young person your attention to tell them that they are important, that they matter, that their future matters – can make all the difference in the world.  It’s a small step, but it can lead to great impact. 

And hopefully this one small step, will lead you to other steps.  

Hiring more young people who would otherwise not have a fair chance, volunteering at a local community center or simply being a resource or mentor to a young person are all ways caring adults can support the dreams of young people.

To write your own letter to a kid in your life, visit www.Recommit2kids.org.  Print and electronic letter templates are available to help get you started. 

Join us as we take action by using our own words to affirm the dreams of a young person and by sharing what steps you’ll take to help him or her make their own American dream a reality.  #Letters2Kids