Dec 15, 2011

Early in December, America’s Promise Alliance hosted a webinar in partnership with nFocus Solutions that built on exploring the challenging process of adopting a comprehensive data management system to ensure all students are on track to graduate from high school, college and become career ready. The webinar drew on community examples to highlight lessons learned in selecting and implementing these systems and discuss their core functions such as data integration and reporting to help communities adopt a system that is both accessible and relevant to their needs.

Presenters included:

  • Doris Paez, Executive Director, Forsyth Futures
  • Eric Aft, Chief Operating Officer, United Way of Forsyth County
  • Chris Kingsley, Senior Associate, Data Initiatives Institute for Youth Education and Families, National League of Cities
  • Andrew Schneider-Munoz, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Education

America’s Promise Alliance’s Grad Nation campaign is a national effort to transform awareness of the dropout crisis into sustained, results-driven action. It is focused on organizing communities to coordinate their efforts to provide our most vulnerable young people the fundamental resources they need to succeed.