Nine Practices That Make America's Promise Alliance Thankful...

(brought to you by our Alliance Engagement Team)

This fall season the Alliance Engagement team is giving thanks to the communities and partners across the country tirelessly working in support of the GradNation goals. We’re grateful for all efforts and especially thankful for…

1. Thoughtful inclusion of youth voice.

There is no kid’s table in our dining room. We’re thankful when communities and partners include youth voice in their work. See how Louisville did it at their 2013 GradNation Community Summit.

2. Elected officials prioritize youth & education.

Too often kids’ issues are relegated to side-dish status on the political buffet. We’re thankful when elected officials make youth and education the main course. Check out the GradNation Blog for posts from Mayor Alvin Brown in Jacksonville, Fla. and Mayor Edna Jackson in Savannah, Ga.


3. National partners joining together in support of a common goal.

Thanksgiving dinner conversations can get loud.  We're thankful when our national partners find ways to sing the same song.


4. Communities finding new ways to share their stories.

Do you have a relative that likes to tell the same story every year? We're thankful when communitites have the opportunity to share their stories in new and creative ways.  

5. The opportunity to help others - together.

Hosting a Thanksgiving meal is a team effort. We’re thankful for the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. How many Alliance Engagement team members you can name from our recent trip to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, Dunbar Alexandria-Olympic Branch? To find opportunities in your neighborhood, go to












6. Media making noise.

Do you tune in all morning for the Thanksgiving Day Parade? We do! We’re thankful when media outlets devote time and effort to covering issues related to youth and education. See how the Corporation for Public Broadcasting raises the volume during American Graduate Day:

7. Accessible and actionable data.

Traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday? Then you need up to the minute data on flight times and traffic jams. We’re thankful when our partners help communities access and act on critical data.

Thanksgiving is also a time for shopping! Let’s just say that certain members of our team have been around a Black Friday sale or two.
We’re thankful when the businesses community opens its doors to work on youth and education issues. Partnership comes in many forms; check out this clip from the Nashville Chamber of Commerce:


9. Inspiring individuals. 

When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of family. The GradNation campaign is one big family; a collection of people, communities, and partners working together to support our youth. We’re thankful for the everyday heroes around us, inspiring the continued effort and commitment needed for this work. Need a little extra inspiration today? Check out these stories at


America’s Promise thanks each and every person, community, and partner working in support of the GradNation goals. Together we can make a GradNation a reality. We wish you the best this fall season and beyond.