Oakland, CA Community Summit


This GradNation Summit is dedicated to Oakland boys of color, schools, and community members.

Event Name

Increasing Graduation Rates Among Boys of Color

Event Description

Boys of color face a multitude of challenges that impact their ability to be as successful as they can be within the education system. It is because of these challenges that a shocking number of students are not completing courses or graduating with their high school diplomas. Stunted graduation rates among boys of color have become an epidemic that deserves our attention. In partnership with America’s Promise Alliance, The Office of African American Male Achievement worked with local youth, community members, organizations, and schools to discuss the ongoing issue of low graduation rates amongst boys of color. The summit, attended by 250 people, focused on addressing current factors that contribute to the nominal graduation statistics, and allow for all participating members to help discover possible solutions that will develop into a transformative action plan.

Summit Summary and New Articles

Event Date and Time

November 8, 2014.  8AM-3:30PM

Event Location

Laney College
900 Fallon St.
Oakland, CA 94607

* Using the Forum and Student Center

Convening Organization

The Office of African American Male Achievement

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Additional Details

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tyrone Howard is a Professor at the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies of UCLA. He also is the Faculty Director of Center X, the Founder and Director of the Black Male Institute, and an Associate faculty member in the Bunche Center for African American studies at UCLA. Additionally, Dr. Howard is the Faculty Associate Director for the Academic Advancement Program at UCLA, which is the nation's premier student retention program for underrepresented students.

Featured Sessions: 

9:20AM- 11:45AM We will have an artistic rendering of earlier plenaries.

3:15pm-3:30pm We will have a youth performance to close out the day.