Oakland Dropout Prevention Summit



  • The summit is intended to look at the deep issues which include a)  policies that have the unintended consequence of encouraging students to cut school and/or drop out; b) new actions which could support students staying in school. 
  • Many elements of the”10-point plan” are being implemented in Oakland.  These include work to create smaller, more personalized secondary school  environments and increased focus on both college and work.  Other elements are not in place, an advocate for each youngster is one example. The Summit will work to add the new elements on to the existing reform efforts. 


Summit Planning Team:

  • Mayor’s Office
  • Oakland Moving Forward Education Task Forces
  • Young people from the following organizations::
    • Oakland Youth Commission
    • Oakland Street Academy (a successful program for educating and graduating young people who are in the process of dropping out of traditional schools) (contact – Gina Hill)
    • Youth Radio
    • Programs funded by Oakland’s Measure Y crime prevention fund.
      • Peralta Community Colleges (contact William Hanson)
      • Oakland Adult Education (contact Gordon Cyphess)
      • Private Industry Council (a non-profit) (contact – Melbra Watts
      • The Office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee
      • The Office of Assmeblymember Sandre Swanson
      • The Offices of Board of Supervisors members, including Keith Carson
      • California State University East Bay (contact – Dean Bowser)
      • Oakland Unified School District (contact – Laura Moran)

      Oakland's Dropout Prevention Action Plan