Insights from thought leaders working to improve the lives of America’s Youth

Eboni-Rose Thompson

Manager Alliance Engagement

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Alliance Engagement Team at America’s Promise decided to celebrate prominent women in history who embody each of these promises. While there are many more who could have made the list, here are five women we think of when we think of the Five Promises.

Naya Moss

Naya Moss

I still remember the first time I built a computer.

My uncle, a system administrator at a hospital, noticed how much I loved watching him use his computer. At eight years old, he helped me build my own.

“This field needs more women,” he said, promising to do all he could to help me succeed.

Davis Kirby

Davis Kirby

Expanded learning opportunities can be priceless. They were for me. Whether it’s an afterschool program or a summer program, these programs help children excel academically, stay away from trouble, and get exposed to valuable enrichment opportunities they might otherwise miss.

President & CEO, America's Promise Alliance
President & CEO America's Promise Alliance

High school graduation rates have been the source of a lot of news coverage – and conflicting emotions – in the past few weeks.

President Obama and more than a dozen governors hailed increasing graduation rates in their annual addresses. At the same time, leading journalists and policy wonks have raised questions about those very gains and about the value of a high school diploma.

Daria Hall

Senior Director Media Relations & External Affairs

Did you know that youth played an instrumental role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 60s? Youth remain a necessary voice for social change!

Peter Samuelson

Peter Samuelson, Thrive Foundation for Youth’s Director of Research, speaks with Rich Lerner, Director of the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University on self-regulation, goal setting, and thriving.

Kenneil Cole

For National Mentoring Month, America’s Promise Alliance asked Kenneil Cole, 21, to share his story about the people who changed his life. The following blog post is an edited version of the speech he gave at the See Forever Foundation Gala.
Jonathan Zaff Executive Director
Executive Director  Center for Promise
What’s the best way for communities, especially economically disadvantaged ones, to create a comprehensive continuum of education programs and family supports that help each child thrive academically, socially, emotionally and vocationally?
Dr. Janna Siegel Robertson
co-coordinator UNCW Watson College of Education Dropout Prevention Coalition

More than 250 leaders, educators, professionals, parents, students, community organizations and researchers attended

Vanessa Morales

Vanessa Morales

On November 18, the Santa Fe Community Foundation organized Opportunity Santa Fe, a GradNation Community Summit, to discuss solutions for the many challenges facing Santa Fe Youth. Vanessa Morales, a junior at Tierra Encantada Charter School, was a youth panelist at the summit. This is her perspective:

Eva Harder

Writer Communications
Every year, roughly half a million students drop out of high school. While much of the national conversation to improve K-12 education revolves around what happens in the classroom, research shows that young people often leave school because of life challenges outside of it.