Past Programs

  The Initiative for Military Families helped state and local governments, child advocates and military family supporters learn more about military families and the best policies and practices to support them. While the initiative has ended, you can find resources for supporting military families on 

Engaging classes in every subject.  Enriching encounters with the arts.  Fun physical activities and healthy nutrition.  Guided explorations of possible careers. Every young person deserves all of these experiences.

AT&T and America’s Promise Alliance unleashed the power of young people to become a critical part of the solution in reversing the dropout crisis and improving outcomes for themselves and their peers.

The 100 Best Communities for Young People initiative brought significant attention to the central role communities play in preparing all young people for success. Between 2006 and 2012, America's Promise and corporate sponsors celebrated more than 200 deserving comminities that effectively provided their youth with the Five Promises and worked to increase high school graduation rates.

In an effort to reduce America’s high school dropout rates, America's Promise Alliance introduced the Dropout Prevention Campaign in April 2008.

A Promise Place can be a school, church, community organization, business or any other place that provides all Five Promises to young people — acting as a hub of holistic services and resources crucial to success. Presented by State Farm Insurance, Promise Places are a critical part of achieving the Grad Nation goal.