Phoenix Dropout Prevention Summit

Summit Location: Phoenix College


This summit was led by Mayor Gordon’s Office of Youth and Education Programs. Other city leaders participating and in attendance were Dr. Kent Scribner, Phoenix Union District Superintendent, Dr. Anna Solley, President of Phoenix College, State Farm Zone Manager, representatives from Wells Fargo and Arizona State University. The theme for this summit was about creating a college going culture for Phoenix Union students. Sessions were broken out among parents, students and community leaders to discuss how to support the academic, physical and emotional needs of Phoenix students to encourage them to pursue a college education. A “college depot” was created in one of Phoenix’s largest libraries to provide financial aid information, workshops, occupational descriptions, etc for parents, students and young adults as a result of planning the summit. Since the “Depot’s” opening in June, it has served approximately 1700 community members.

Summit Planning Team:

Dr. Kent Scribner – PUHSD
Dr. Deborah Gonzalez – PUHSD
Michelle Alcantar – ASU
Arthur Lebowitz – ASU
Debbie Dillon – City of Ph
Judy Reno – College Depot -
Judy Richards – PUHSD -
Dr. Gerry Petersen – PUHSD
Teena Olszeweski – NAU
Antonia Franco – Helios
Lydia Aranda – Wells Fargo
Maria Thompson – BALF
Rebecca Valenzuela – MCC
Natalie Nailor- Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Admissions (willing to help with workshops and possibly be a co-sponsor) – ASU
Trisha Nash – ASU
Janet Grant- ASU Education Partnerships College is for You Program
Melanie McClintock – AZ Center for Afterschool Excellence

Phoenix's Dropout Prevention Action Plan