A Preview of Life in the Real World

After receiving the Simon Scholar Scholarship our coronations informed all of the Simon Scholars that we would have to complete an internship at Americas Promise Alliance. They told us that during the internship we would be working on the Impact Network Monthly Newsletter. At first I had no idea what we would be doing or what the Monthly Impact Newsletter would be on. I thought I would be learning how to file papers, enter data into a computer, and attend meetings all day on how to build the America's Promise Alliance network. Instead of that I learned how to plan and organize a newsletter, how to communicate with others through the use of email, and how to use Microsoft Outlook.

On my first day I expected to be drilled on the history of America's Promise Alliance and learn about what the company does. Fortunately I wasn’t drilled but I did indeed find out what specific things America's Promise focuses on and why it’s so important. America's Promise Alliance is a network with many different partners who all have a common goal, which is to raise the graduation rate among high school students and to insure every child is provided with the best education possible. This makes perfect sense since the Five Promises are: Caring Adults, Safe Places, Healthy Start, Effective Education, and Opportunities to Help Others. That’s another thing I learned while interning at America's Promise, The Five Promises, because they are the foundation of this company.

Working at America's Promise Alliance has been great. I have never really worked in a professional environment for a long period of time but I have learned basic office etiquette, and how to be social with your other colleagues.  It has been a little tough having to sit in an office all day but when you have work to do the time goes by fast, otherwise it feels like you’ve been sitting there forever but if you do find yourself getting a little restless it would be a good idea to get up and move around a little. Say for instance you can get to know your coworkers, or sit and watch a little TV in the kitchen to relax.

I do plan on interning somewhere else in my future so having this opportunity now will be a preview of what I should expect later on down the line. Completing the newsletter made me feel really great about myself because I would be informing teens on a topic that is so serious and even life threatening. By getting the word out there I would be doing many people a favor that can one day help them.