The Center for Promise, in collaboration with Tufts University's School of Arts and Sciences, is the first-ever research center for America’s Promise Alliance. The mission of the Center is to develop a deep knowledge and understanding about what is needed to help create the conditions so that all young people in America have the opportunity to succeed in school and life. The Center’s work will add to the academic exploration of these issues and help give communities and individuals the tools and knowledge to effectively work together to support young people.

About the Center

The Center is housed within the Institute for Applied Research on Youth Development at Tufts. It focuses on exploring how all children and youth experience the key developmental supports they need to thrive and graduate from high school ready for postsecondary education and work. America’s Promise refers to these supports as the Five Promises: Caring adults, a healthy start, safe surroundings, an effective education, and opportunities to serve others.

About Knowledge Management

The Center for Promise is the cornerstone of our Knowledge Management work, which focuses on developing and managing the technological and process systems that improve America's Promise's ability to deliver resources and services effectively. It also includes research and evaluation activities, such as conducting research and data analysis on youth development and community collaboration, along with facilitating evaluations of our programs and initiatives.