GradNation Community Summits

America’s Promise Alliance is working with community partners to convene 100 GradNation Community Summits across the country through 2016. The GradNation Community Summits will hasten the United States’ progress towards reaching the GradNation campaign goals. America’s Promise’s goal for the community summits is to fuel local collaborative action to increase high school graduation rates.

In 100 communities across the country, leaders from businesses, civic organizations, non-profits, local government, public schools, higher education, foundations and faith-based organizations will join with parents and young people to develop a blueprint to accelerate progress. The communities hosting a GradNation Community Summit will identify the most critical problems in their local area and the groups most affected. Through their summit they will highlight promising solutions that can be integrated into their community. At the heart of these plans will be the Five Promises, the wraparound services that dramatically increase a young person’s chance of success: caring adults, safe places, an effective education, a healthy start and opportunities to help others.

Each community hosting a summit will use its convening to create greater awareness, engagement and coordinated action around increasing graduation rates — all leading to better outcomes for local young people. Emerging will be an action plan to guide future work.

Community Summit Locations

The first 14 Summits were held in 2013, with the remainder occurring through 2016. This series builds on the success of 105 Dropout Prevention Summits led by America’s Promise between 2008 and 2010. Confirmed locations for 2014 include the following:

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