Prosser, Washington



2011 marks the first year Prosser has been named one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People.  This community of less than 6,000 people has a significant focal point—the school and its students. The Prosser School District school board demonstrates its commitment to young people by maintaining a youth advisory position, filled by a representative who is consulted on all youth matters, including school policy, community issues, and student services. The Library Academy provides computers and homework assistance to anyone who needs these services. These include school policy and student services. All schools in Prosser are designated as drug-free zones, and a zero tolerance policy on weapons, violence and bullying is heavily enforced. Through such efforts, Prosser graduates nearly 74 percent of its students.

Community Programs

  • The Prosser Boys & Girls Club provides leadership opportunities to teens who are interested in becoming trained career development volunteers.
  • A Community Mobilization Task Force provides positive options to Prosser youth and recruits members from all sectors to serve on an Advisory Board.
  • The Mid Valley Providers Consortium is an all-encompassing community-wide coalition serving youth and families in the eight neighboring communities of the Lower Yakima Valley.
  • The high school Library Academy provides students a safe place to use computers and receive help with homework.
  • 21st Century Afterschool Program at the middle school offers safe and structured activities with academic benefits.
  • The Running Start program is coordinated by Prosser High School and local institutions of higher learning to provide young people opportunities for vocational training.

Youth Voices

I was home schooled until 6th grade. It was the first day of my enrollment at Housel Middle School that was my first real introduction to the community of Prosser. I was welcomed with unimaginable support from students and staff. The counselors helped me to take advantage of the programs sponsored by 21st Century and GearUp in order to acclimate and even excel in school. I believe this made all the difference.


I am in Girl Scouts and we go on many different field trips like the KNDO news station and the Pacific Science Center. In soccer, our coach would push us to do things we never thought we could do. I also do piano. My piano teacher Mrs. Durrant is also a substitute teacher. She motivates me, and encourages me to do my best.