Providence, RI

Providence Community Summit: Working together to build a GradNation

Event Description

The Providence Children and Youth Cabinet (CYC) was convened in early 2010 to improve coordination of services across agencies, increase collaboration, and foster better educational, social, economic, physical and behavioral health outcomes for Providence’s children and youth. In 2011, the CYC released Educate Providence, a report on the state of education in Providence. Since then, the CYC has been moving from studying the City’s needs to taking action. The CYC now is comprised of over 60 organizations and 170 individuals working through powerful collective action to move the needle for our children and youth.  One of the five major goals of Educate Providence is “All children will succeed academically and graduate from high school ready for college, career and/or credential.” The High School to College and Careers Work Group of the CYC has been working toward this goal.

The Providence Grad Nation Community Summit will provide an opportunity to raise the visibility of the CYC, engage community members in the work, report on best practices in Providence and elsewhere, and propel the good work that is already happening in pockets across the City and state to a new level. Topics at the summit will include: collective impact, success indicators, attendance, making learning relevant, student supports, positive school behavior and postsecondary readiness.

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Monday, November 25, 2013
Providence Marriott
Providence, Rhode Island

Convening Organization(s)

• Providence Children and Youth Cabinet (
• Rhode Island Kids Count (
• Rhode Island Department of Education (