In addition to the career exploration guide, we encourage you to use as models some of the career awareness guides and initiatives created by America’s Promise Alliance partners.

Academy for Educational Development’s National Institute for Work and Learning integrates the education and employment systems to ensure lifelong learning and productivity for all Americans. NIWL uses a combination of research, program development, evaluation, technical assistance, capacity building, training, and information sharing to make an impact in three areas: school to career, teacher professional development, and workforce development.

ACE Mentor Program of America makes sure there are enough architects, construction managers and engineers to fill the industry's needs ten years from now. ACE—an acronym for architecture, construction, and engineering—is a partnership among industry professionals.

ACT created WorkKeys , a job skills assessment system measuring real-world skills that employers believe are critical to job success. It enables educators to identify gaps between student skills and employment needs, ultimately improving students' success in entry-level and subsequent jobs. WorkKeys enables businesses to reduce turnover, overtime, and waste while increasing morale.

Boys and Girls Club of America programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging, and influence.

Corporate Voices for Working Families unites the private sector, government, and other stakeholders to improve the lives of all working families by advancing innovative, sustainable, and bipartisan policies. They focus their work in four key areas: workforce readiness, workplace flexibility, family economic stability, and work and family.

CVS Pharmacy’s Pathways to Pharmacy introduces one million inner-city and rural youths to careers in pharmacy. Program participants receive training, mentoring, and support—including financial assistance—for pharmacy school. Ultimately, the program creates opportunities for future employment with CVS Caremark.

Ford Partnership for Advanced Studies  was developed by the Ford Motor Company as an academically rigorous, interdisciplinary curriculum and program that provides students with content knowledge and skills necessary for future success in such areas as business, economics, engineering, and technology. The partnership joins local high schools, colleges and universities, and businesses to help students make decisions about their future education and careers.

Forum for Youth Investment is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group dedicated to helping communities and the nation make sure all young people are ready for college, work, and life by age 21. Ready by 21 is a call to leaders to use bigger goals, bolder strategies, and broader partnerships to improve programs for children and young people. features a database of service-learning lesson plans that are aligned with academic standards in addition to detailed stories of the teachers who wrote and effectively implemented the plans. A simple search function allows educators to search, submit, and download or print a plan with ease.

Junior Achievement offers experiential, hands-on programs to educate students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy. Junior Achievement’s career assessment tool also helps young people identify and learn more about potential careers. Visit the Student Center for additional tools.

KPMG uses a Volunteer Time Release program to allow employees to volunteer up to 12 hours per year during normal business hours.

Mattie C. Stewart Foundation created Bewhoyouwannabe in conjunction with the Birmingham Police Department and a Birmingham ad agency, o2ideas. Bewhoyouwannabe pairs youth with career mentors and invites successful individuals from a variety of fields into neighborhoods where hope and inspiration are hard to come by.

National Association for Manufacturers created the Dream !t Do !t Campaign to address the growing shortage of talent and skilled workers in U.S. manufacturing. While leadership initially comes from the national office within the Manufacturing Institute—the education, workforce, and research arm of the National Association of Manufacturers—the real work is done by local, grassroots efforts.

National Service-Learning Partnership at Academy for Educational Development, founded in 2001, is a national network of members dedicated to advancing service-learning as a core part of every young person's education. The Partnership concentrates on strengthening the impact of service-learning on young people's learning and development, especially their academic and civic preparation. The Partnership supports members by sharing resources, organizing change, and sponsoring innovation.

National Youth Leadership Council has led a service-learning movement that links youth, educators, and communities to redefine the roles of young people in society. It empowers youth to transform themselves from recipients of information and resources into valuable, contributing members of a democracy. Each year, thousands of service-learning practitioners improve their practice with the help of NYLC.

Northrop Grumman partners with local organizations to build the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technicians. Northrop Grumman’s corporate-wide Building Partnerships for Stronger Communities is founded on the belief that “The power of one, multiplied by many, equals the potential of an entire community."

Ritz Carlton is one of the newest Alliance partners. Through their social and environmental responsibility program, Community Footprints, the Ritz Carlton properties collaborate with local organizations to direct resources where the most impact will be made. Their service areas are: hunger and poverty relief, the well-being of disadvantaged children, and environmental conservation.

State Farm’s Learning and Teaching Exchange™ Program allows State Farm's employees to volunteer as state-certified substitute teachers in classrooms while the full-time teacher is participating in a professional development opportunity. Thus, the program helps alleviate two major problems schools say prevent professional development: cost and availability of substitute teachers.

State Farm® Youth Advisory Board is comprised of students ages 17-20. They help State Farm design and implement a $5 million-a-year signature service-learning initiative to address issues important to State Farm and communities across the United States and Canada.

Tailwag Studios developed a series of career exploration guidebooks designed to help students ages 8 and up explore and prepare for joining the world of work. Their Career Wise series can be used to support career fairs, campus visits, job shadow activities, and more.

US Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for a Competitive Workforce is a non-profit, non-partisan, 501(c)3 that promotes the rigorous educational standards and effective job training systems needed to preserve the strength of America’s greatest economic resource—its workforce. Through its events, publications, and policy initiatives, ICW connects the best minds in American business with the most innovative thinkers in American education, helping them work together to ensure the nation’s continued prosperity.

Youth Service America seeks to improve communities by increasing the number and diversity of young people, ages 5-25, serving in important roles. Founded in 1986, YSA is an international nonprofit resource center that partners with thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries to expand the impact of the youth service movement with families, communities, schools, corporations, and governments.


The following alphabetical list of resources can provide useful information for beginning a career exploration program. Please understand that this list is not exhaustive and the absence of a resource does not in any way indicate a lack of its usefulness and importance.