Resources for Military Families


From general research and reports on military families to military statistics and demographics, the resources in this section provide tools to help educate people on a wide range of issues affecting military families.

In addition, this page includes the latest news related to military children, military families and the work taking place across the country on behalf of this population. Several blogs on military life, including a spouse network and family blog, are included.

  • Active Duty and Reserve Population State Data Table
    The chart to follow contains active duty and Reserve population data for each state. It also contains key links to legislative information that pertains to veterans' affairs, the National Guard and policies in general that affect military families.
  • 2010 Military Family Lifestyle Survey Findings (PDF)
    Blue Star Families conducted a 2010 Military Family Lifestyle Survey to try and determine some key trends in military family home life. The results can help educate and empower the general public, policy makers, concerned organizations, and the families themselves. The survey findings reveal the many challenges and stressors that military families have faced over the past decade of war.
  • 2011 Army Family Action Plan
    The Army identifies and evaluates the biggest quality of life issues for soldiers, veterans, Army civilians, and military families in their Army Family Action Plan (AFAP). This 2011 edition can help local leaders and policymakers who wish to better understand the unique challenges military families face. 
  • RAND: Views from the Homefront: The Experiences of Youth and Spouses from Military Families
    RAND Corp. looked at military children in an Operation Purple Camp program to see how they were adjusting to their parent’s deployment. Findings can help policymakers and others who are interested in delivering support to military families. 
  • White House Report: Strengthening our Military Families
    President Obama and other administration officials released this report to empower communities, elected officials, policymakers, and others to help serve military families.  
  • Joining Forces
    The Joining Forces campaign, led by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, is an effort to mobilize Americans on behalf of military families across the country. 
  • Office of the Joint Chiefs Report:  Sea of Goodwill
    Admiral Mike Mullen, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says a “sea of goodwill” exists around military families in that average Americans wish them well and want to help. This report suggests a vision for how to best provide that support, and for how to turn goodwill into action. 
  • 2009 Department of Defense Demographics Report (PDF)
    This report shows military and military family demographics.
  • Projected Military Population by State and Territory (XLS)
    This data shows the number of military children who will live in each state, district, and territory up through 2015.
  • Number of OIF OEF Deployed by State (XLS)
    This data, compiled by Defense Manpower Data Center, represents the number of service members deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan from each state and territory. It was current as of March 2010.
  • Military and Veterans Affairs State Legislation Database
    The National Conference of State Legislatures compiled this database of laws and policies addressing veterans, service members, and their families.
  • Sesame Workshop
    The non-profit behind Sesame Street provides “Talk, Listen, Connect” deployment resources, including videos and activities, for families and children. Their new initiative, “Military Families Near and Far,” provides additional bilingual resources for military families to create, communicate and stay connected in periods of separation and transition through artistic expression, writing, free mobile apps and more. The initiative also provides educators with afterschool and extended learning tools, including literacy and math-based games, activities and tips.



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