San Bernardino, CA Community Summit


San Bernardino, CA

Event Name

GRAD Summit: Increasing Graduation Rates through Career Pathways

Event Description

San Bernadino, Calif. held a GradNation Community Summit November 15 at California State University, San Bernardino with more than 400 in attendance and a theme of “increasing graduation through career pathways.” High school students and parents were key participants, along with teachers and counselors. School administrators, post-secondary leaders, business leaders, elected officials, and community-based organization leaders presented. The summit focused on three main areas: Inspiring students to graduate high school; exposing students to career pathways within the school system as well as the post-secondary options available in the region; increasing parent engagement in the school system and their child’s futures.

Summit Summary

Event Date and Time

November 15, 2014, 8:00am-3:00pm

Event Location

California State University San Bernardino

5500 University Parkway

San Bernardino, CA 92407

Convening Organization 

Congregations for Prophetic Engagement (COPE),

Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC),

Youth Action Project (YAP),

San Bernardino City Unified School District,

Additional Details 

Additional National Sponsor

  • GE Foundation

Notable Speakers

  • Eric Schmidt, Co-Founder, Exquadrum Inc.
  • Garner Holt, Founder and President, Garner Holt Productions, Inc.