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Determining the Frequency and Impact of Bystander Interventions in the Safe School Ambassadors Program

January 15, 2014

This report explores the success of the Safe School Ambassadors Program in limiting mistreatment and bullying in schools. Surveys show that active students in the program are able to have a positive effect on their peers. These same surveys indicate, and the reports of dozens of administrators in schools coast to coast confirm, that those interventions reduce the amount of mistreatment on a campus. Disciplinary referrals, fights, suspensions and other indicators all seem to go down when the program is implemented according to the model that has been described in this report.
The Safe School Ambassadors Program: A Student-Led Approach to Reducing Mistreatment and Bullying in Schools

January 15, 2014

Safe School Ambassadors (SSA) is a student-centered bystander education program developed by Community Matters to reduce bullying/mistreatment and enhance school climate. This report details a two-part program evaluation that was designed to assess the efficacy of the program’s logic model and its impact on school-level discipline indicators. Their data suggest that implementation of the SSA program, when compared to non-SSA schools, leads to statistically significant reductions in suspensions and other discipline indicators over time.