Who’s Minding the Neighborhood?

October 04, 2016

The role of adult capacity in keeping young people on a path to graduation  
A Profile of the Evaluation of Beacons Initiative—San Francisco California

January 15, 2014

The San Francisco Beacon Initiative (SFBI) was founded by a broad-based group of San Francisco leaders who wanted to transform public schools in low-income neighborhoods into youth and family centers that would serve as beacons of activity uniting communities. Stakeholder groups, facilitated by the Community Network for Youth Development (CNYD) and the Institute for Research and Reform in Education (IRRE), developed a theory of change to be used throughout the initiative to guide its action and management.
A Profile of the Evaluation of Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning (CORAL) Initiative

January 15, 2014

The Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning (CORAL) initiative in California worked to link communities, institutions, and residents around the common goal of improving youth academic achievement through the provision of structured literacy programming and enriching out-of-school time opportunities. Communities with low-income, low-achieving schools in five cities (Sacramento, San Jose, Fresno, Pasadena, and Long Beach) were part of the initiative. CORAL served youth in grades 1–8 (with the majority in grades 1–5).