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Who’s Minding the Neighborhood?

October 04, 2016

The role of adult capacity in keeping young people on a path to graduation  
Dispelling Stereotypes of Young People Who Leave School Before Graduation

September 19, 2016

Part of the Don’t Call Them Dropouts series of research, Dispelling Stereotypes of Young People Who Leave School Before Graduation explores the social and emotional competencies of young people who have left school before graduating from high school.

Type: Resource

TAG: Using Data

promises: Safe Places

channels: College & Career

SOURCE: Center for Promise

campaigns & initiatives: GradNation Campaign

Behavioral Management Techniques for Safe Schools

January 15, 2014

The American Federation of Teachers has developed a series of brochures, called Classroom Tips, to assist educators in the classroom and beyond. According to AFT, these concise publications can be effective and useful addition to teachers’ back-to-school and throughout-the-year organizing campaigns. One brochure, “Behavior-Management Techniques," offers tips on preventing problem behavior and providing safe learning environments. This brochure addresses maintaining safe schools and how to prevent bullying. To download additional Classroom Tips, brochures, visit .