Northfield’s Promise to Young People

January 18, 2017

The summit, which was convened by the Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, continued in that spirit of thinking through responsibility, relationships, and action steps, as the Northfield community examines how to better align its various stakeholders and interests in the common goal of seeing improved outcomes for young people.
How Fort Worth Uses Collective Action to Improve Education Outcomes

November 03, 2016

To raise graduation rates and increase postsecondary enrollment in Fort Worth, Texas, the city plans on harnessing the power of collective action. “We are facing a crisis with our kids, and it has to be turned around,” said Betsy Mayor Price at the Fort Worth GradNation Community Summit, hosted by Price and Fort Worth SPARC, on Oct. 10.
Community Leader Spotlight with Rev. Samuel Casey, ED of COPE in San Bernardino, CA

June 21, 2016

Pastor Samuel serves as the Executive Director of Congregations Organized for Prophetic Engagement (COPE) in San Bernardino, CA.