Youth Voice: When Guidance Counselors Fail Their Students

November 02, 2017

In the spring of my junior year of high school, I planned a meeting with my guidance counselor. We were set to go over my college application plans in preparation for the upcoming school year.
Youth Leader Spotlight with Maria Salmeron

October 26, 2017

“My advice for adults would be to foster healthy, supportive, and trustworthy relationships with young people from the beginning. Once the trust is there, adults can mentor young people in finding their passion and guide them through the process of developing into successful young adults.”
Youth Voice: Engaging Youth and Using Alternatives to End School Pushout

October 16, 2017

Schools are failing students by being too quick to execute a punishment, which has lasting, negative impacts. To combat racial disparities in school and society, schools need a new approach to school discipline that is grounded in student perspectives and alternatives that work.
Youth Voice: Students Should be Able to Use “Sick Days” for Mental Health Too

August 02, 2017

Adults aren’t the only ones struggling with mental illnesses, and as the research below shows, young people may even have more to lose. But allowing students to use “sick days” (or excused absences) for their mental health could go a long way in creating a culture of health in the classroom that can help them stay on track to graduating.
10 Reasons Why You Should Apply For a Youth Leadership Role at America's Promise Alliance

June 01, 2017

Get the run down on why youth leaders should apply for youth leadership opportunities at America's Promise.
I Came Here to Learn

May 11, 2017

Students whose First Language is Not English (FLNE) make up the fastest growing segment of public school students across the country. In Massachusetts, one in five students is classified as FLNE. This report explores their experiences, challenges, and hopes for the future.
As Country Grapples with Graduation Gaps, New Research on Mass. Students Whose First Language is Not English Suggests Youth-Led Path Forward for Educators, Policymakers

May 11, 2017

Youth whose First Language is Not English (FLNE) represent the fastest growing segment of the United States public school population. Despite evidence that FLNE students display high levels of optimism and motivation for academic advancement, they continue to graduate at lower rates than the national average.
To Fight Climate Change, 4-H Conference Empowers Teens to Lead the Charge

May 08, 2017

Young people are not educated enough about climate change, and neither are adults. This was the conclusion that a group of high schoolers from across the country (and one from Canada) presented during a 4-H briefing held at the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA/USDA) on March 28.
Barriers to Success

March 30, 2017

While many young people in America continue to be bombarded by severe adversity, few receive the supports and resources they need to cope and succeed.
How One Young Person ‘Learned Not To Be Complacent With Injustice’

March 29, 2017

When Ornan Mendez’ parents lived in the Dominican Republic, they both had stable careers. His mother was a dentist and his father, an industrial engineer. When they moved to the United States to give their kids more opportunities, however, they had a hard time finding jobs.