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2018 Building a Grad Nation: Progress and Challenge in Raising High School Graduation Rates

June 05, 2018

Authored by Civic Enterprises and the Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University, and released annually in partnership with the Alliance for Excellent Education and America’s Promise Alliance, the Building a Grad Nation report examines both progress and challenges toward reaching the GradNation campaign goal of a national on-time graduation rate of 90 percent. AT&T, lead sponsor, has supported the report series since its inception through AT&T Aspire, the company’s $400 million commitment since 2008 to graduate more students from high school ready for college and career.…
OUR WORK: A Framework for Accelerating Progress for Children and Youth in America

April 17, 2017

How can we take what’s been learned and accelerate progress for young people in America, especially for those young people who are most vulnerable? How can we create the conditions for success for more young people, more quickly? To answer these questions, America’s Promise reviewed research about what’s changed in the past 20 years in young people’s lives and in our understanding of youth development. We surveyed our network, spoke with young people, and interviewed more than 200 people representing nonprofits, corporations, foundations, research and policy entities, educational institutions…
Relationships Come First: How Four Career Development and Workforce Readiness Programs Prepare Young People for Work and Life

December 15, 2016

What role do relationships play in fostering workforce development and career readiness among ‘risk-immersed’ youth?
Barriers to Wellness

November 29, 2016

This report provides new insights into the obstacles to wellness young people of color face in five cities and brings young people’s voices and views into the discussion about what affects their health and wellness.
Adolescent Thriving: The Role of Sparks, Relationships, and Empowerment

December 18, 2015

Although most social science research on adolescence emphasizes risks and challenges, an emergent field of study focuses on adolescent thriving. This study extends this line of inquiry by examining the power of identifying and nurturing young people’s passions or interests (“sparks”), empowering them to make civic contributions (giving them “voice”), and providing the relationships and opportunities that reinforce and nourish thriving. 
How do out-of-school programs affect thriving?

November 25, 2015

Those who study youth development look to both external factors that affect youth (environment) and internal factors within the youth (personal attributes) that contribute to their positive growth.  Richard Lerner and his colleagues have also emphasized the importance of examining the interaction of person and environment to understand more completely how youth develop. 
Don’t Quit on Me

September 06, 2015

This report examines, from the perspective of young people themselves, the roles that relationships with adults and peers play in decisions about staying in, leaving and returning to high school.
GradNation Community Summit Toolbox

February 03, 2015

GradNation Summit Conveners:  These resources will help you prepare to host a successful GradNation Community Summit. Please contact your summit manager with
The Role of National Service in Closing the Graduation Gap

September 04, 2014

Great progress has been made over the last decade to reach an 80 percent graduation rate, but for the one in five students still not graduating on time, more hard work is required to achieve the GradNation goal of a 90 percent high school graduation rate by 2020.  For that reason, America’s Promise Alliance presents this paper that illustrates how national service is making a positive impact on young people and closing the graduation gap – from early literacy through high school graduation and beyond. Emerging evidence, described in this white paper, tells us that national service works.
A Teacher's Guide to Engaging a New Generation of Anti-Hunger Leaders

January 27, 2014

Published by YSA and Sodexo Foundation, this new resource highlights best-practice strategies of K-12 classroom teachers who are using a Semester of Service™ framework to engage their students in addressing childhood hunger.