Community Leader Spotlight with the Mobile Area Education Foundation

August 29, 2018

“Good is not great, and greatness is an expectation.” 
Youth Voice: When the Push for STEM Hurts More than It Helps

June 12, 2018

I was diagnosed during my sophomore year of high school with dyscalculia, a disorder that prohibits those who have it from understanding arithmetic. The discovery of my disability was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because I finally knew why I never matched up with my peers in math classes. A curse, because my high school is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.
For Youth in Rural America, Unique Challenges and Surprising Opportunity

May 25, 2017

When Law Loving was growing up in Northeast Tennessee, he saw a troubling trend taking place: Students were leaving high school without a plan, many of them incurring large amounts of student debt for career paths that weren’t a good fit, and many of them not starting down a path at all. In this Q&A with America’s Promise, Law Loving provides insight into the challenges and opportunities that come with growing up in a rural area.

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Funding Opportunities

November 01, 2016

The following grants and funding opportunities are currently accepting applicants. These grants are not offered through America's Promise Alliance, but they each relate to our Five Promises. If you have questions about these opportunities, please follow the links provided in each item.
At South Carolina Summit, Caring Adults Commit to Leaving No Young Person Behind

October 20, 2016

While the majority of new jobs in South Carolina will require some form of higher education in the coming years, few high school graduates in the state are college-ready, according to South Carolina Education Oversight Committee Executive Director Melanie Barton.
A Diploma, a Degree, and a Job Offer from IBM: One P-TECH Student’s Experience

May 16, 2016

I was born in Trinidad and began my life in America at the age of two. Like many families, my parents came to New York seeking the American Dream and a better future for me and my sisters. After our arrival, my family moved around a bit until we finally settled in a part of Brooklyn we could afford. After briefly attending a neighborhood public school, my parents transferred me to St. Rita, a Catholic middle school, hoping to get me away from the violence and disarray of my surroundings.

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How One Community is Changing the Odds for Girls

March 23, 2016

Alma J. Powell, board chair of America’s Promise Alliance, spoke recently at the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, a single-gender public charter school offering girls in grades 6-12 a college prep curriculum centered on science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. This is an excerpt of her remarks. I would like to share a story that exemplifies how the work of this school changes the future. It is the story of a sophomore named Frida Uwimana.

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How This Tech Training Program Helped Build My Future

March 10, 2016

I still remember the first time I built a computer. My uncle, a system administrator at a hospital, noticed how much I loved watching him use his computer. At eight years old, he helped me build my own. “This field needs more women,” he said, promising to do all he could to help me succeed.

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Getting Across the Goal Line to a 90 Percent High School Graduation Rate

May 21, 2015

We are on track to a 90 percent high school graduation rate by 2020! What great news to report at the GradNation Campaign’s 2015 Convening of Leaders last week in Washington, DC!  When you set a bold goal and maintain focus, progress will happen. 
Afterschool: A Vital Partner in STEM Education

January 15, 2014

This report from the Afterschool Alliance looks at the role that afterschool time can play in STEM education. There is widespread recognition among education fields of the need for literacy and proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to navigate the modern world and workplace. The afterschool setting serves as an ideal chance for educators to narrow the opportunity gap that many children and youth from under-served and under-represented communities face.