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Funding Opportunities

December 12, 2018

The following grants and funding opportunities are currently accepting applicants. These grants are not offered through America's Promise Alliance, but they each relate to our Five Promises. If you have questions about these opportunities, please follow the links provided in each item.
Community Leader Spotlight with Tanya Tucker from America’s Promise

November 26, 2018

Tanya’s work with America’s Promise began in 2005 directing the planning and execution of professional development events designed to encourage greater focus and collaboration within communities to see that all young people receive the Five Promises.
America’s Promise Alliance Launches ‘Every School Healthy’ Campaign to Fuel Movement to Create Healthy Schools Across the Country

November 15, 2018

America’s Promise Alliance, the nation's largest network dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth, today announced the launch of the ‘Every School Healthy’ campaign to create healthy and safe schools where all young people can thrive.
New Report Identifies Policy Opportunities to Build Healthier Schools

November 14, 2018

One major challenge to achieving a higher baseline of student health across U.S. schools? According to advocates, it’s that federal and state policymakers respond to particular moments of public crisis by passing narrow and targeted measures rather than considering the whole child.
800 Schools. 18 States. One Major Call to Action.

October 29, 2018

About one in 10 high schools in America graduates 67 percent or less. In more than 800 of these schools, graduating is a 50-50 proposition for students. And on average, nearly three of every four students in these schools are students of color.

Type: Opinion

TAG: Grad Rate Data

promises: Effective Education

campaigns & initiatives: GradNation Campaign

What’s Working: How to Be Culturally Sensitive in the Classroom

October 26, 2018

Teachers should go beyond making diversity days holidays filled with flags, food, and language and focus on global fluency—the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to live and work effectively and successfully in a globally connected world.

Type: News

promises: Caring Adults, Effective Education

campaigns & initiatives: GradNation Campaign

To Get Students to College, New College Board Scholarships Reward Progress Over Scores

October 24, 2018

While the College Board might be best known for SAT and AP tests, their latest initiative doesn’t weigh scores for either.

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promises: Effective Education