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Funding Opportunities

December 12, 2018

The following grants and funding opportunities are currently accepting applicants. These grants are not offered through America's Promise Alliance, but they each relate to our Five Promises. If you have questions about these opportunities, please follow the links provided in each item.
Community Leader Spotlight with Tanya Tucker from America’s Promise

November 26, 2018

Tanya’s work with America’s Promise began in 2005 directing the planning and execution of professional development events designed to encourage greater focus and collaboration within communities to see that all young people receive the Five Promises.
America’s Promise Alliance Launches ‘Every School Healthy’ Campaign to Fuel Movement to Create Healthy Schools Across the Country

November 15, 2018

America’s Promise Alliance, the nation's largest network dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth, today announced the launch of the ‘Every School Healthy’ campaign to create healthy and safe schools where all young people can thrive.
New Report Identifies Policy Opportunities to Build Healthier Schools

November 14, 2018

One major challenge to achieving a higher baseline of student health across U.S. schools? According to advocates, it’s that federal and state policymakers respond to particular moments of public crisis by passing narrow and targeted measures rather than considering the whole child.
Podcast: Health Centers & Schools Uniting for Young Students’ Success

November 09, 2018

Many health centers across the country are building partnerships with schools to expand access to quality care and address the powerful social, environmental, and economic conditions that unjustly influence health outcomes of low-income children and adolescents in their communities.
Creating Policies to Support Healthy Schools: Policymaker, Educator, and Student Perspectives

October 23, 2018

Initiatives focused on improving aspects of students’ well-being in schools—such as addressing childhood obesity, preventing bullying, and restricting schools’ use of exclusionary discipline—are gaining momentum. However, such efforts are often implemented in silos, without recognition of their interconnections. To advance the common goal of improving social, health, and academic outcomes for all students, coordinated efforts that integrate multiple components of healthy school environments are needed.
How to Keep Young People at the Center

October 11, 2018

Finding ways to better help young people succeed in life is a constant pursuit for communities, practitioners, and policymakers, and one that requires us all to take what we at the Center for Promise call a youth systems approach.

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Sonia Sotomayor: “Reading Is the Key to Success”

October 04, 2018

What’s your earliest memory of loving to read? When panelists were asked that question at the 2018 National Reading Coalition by Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) last week, their answers resonated strongly with the book-loving audience:

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Community Leader Spotlight with West Virginia’s Promise - The Alliance for Youth

September 26, 2018

West Virginia’s Promise is a statewide program that mobilizes partners to strengthen the capacity of local communities to develop and support young people.