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From Celebrities to College Campuses, National and Local Efforts Urge Young People to Vote

September 20, 2018

Midterm elections are right around the corner. And everyone wants young people to head to the polls.
Want to Fight Childhood Hunger? Eat at These Restaurants.

September 19, 2018

This September, No Kid Hungry has partnered with 15,000 restaurants across the country to provide food stability for the one in six children living with hunger in America.
Three Reasons Exclusionary Discipline Can Cause Students to Drop Out

September 18, 2018

Why does being suspended or expelled increase the odds that a student will drop out of school? A few months ago, my research team and I at the Center for Promise published a report about the impact exclusionary discipline policies have on students, which helped us answer this question.

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Must Reads: A Priest, a Pediatrician, and Other Leaders on the Importance of Relationships to Young People

September 13, 2018

Over the past few months, there have been a series of articles, books, and materials by thought-leaders both in and outside of the youth development sector that help underscore the centrality of relationships in a young person’s life.
Achieving a 90 percent Graduation Rate: Relationships and Mindsets that Strengthen School Climate

September 11, 2018

This webinar is in support of the GradNation campaign School Climate area. The GradNation campaign examines: What is the field doing to ensure that school climate is positive for the students and the school staff?  What does it take to establish a web of support for young people and for the adults tasked to raise student achievement and graduation rates?

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This Back-to-School Season, Let’s Not Forget that Hope Matters

September 06, 2018

As millions of young people begin a new school year, many parents and adults are no doubt worried about how well they’ll fare. From concerns about screen time to college and career readiness, there are plenty of headlines that fret over the well-being of young people.
The Link Between Suspensions, Expulsions, and Dropout Rates

September 05, 2018

A preponderance of research shows that suspensions and expulsions do little to change behavior and can push students out of school altogether. For instance, being suspended just one time in the ninth grade is related to an increased risk of dropping out. Suspension can increase the chance of leaving school prior to graduation from 16 percent to a 32 percent.
This Suicide Prevention Day, Young People Lead the Charge

September 05, 2018

From creating apps to organizing support groups to making resources more widely available, here’s how four young advocates are leading efforts to improve mental health for their generation.
Funding Opportunities

September 04, 2018

The following grants and funding opportunities are currently accepting applicants. These grants are not offered through America's Promise Alliance, but they each relate to our Five Promises. If you have questions about these opportunities, please follow the links provided in each item.